Tennis: Novak Djokovic Return To US with A Straight Win After Bring Banned

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Novak Djokovic return to US with straight win after being, Banned from entering US for some few months for security reasons.

Novak being regarded as one of the best to grace the sports of tennis hadn’t featured for the US open in some time in a while with issues regarding his US traveling authorities.

Since this issues has been sorted out he was seen to grace the court one’s again at US and US tennis loving fans were Happy and excited to see him played the game again.

The former world number one #1 in tennis was seen training at some court in the US last time and it was filled with full capacity of audience who has waited to see him perform again and this gingered the fans to give him moral support for him being back to US open competition again.

The 36years old who won 23 grand slams was spotted on the court facing against Spanish compatriot in a tennis game yesterday and Novak won against his competitor Davidovich Fokina.

Novak Djokovic prepares for this next game against French Tennis player by the name Monfils. Novak is seeking to win another Grand Slam after he lost the previous one to Spanish Tennis Player Carlos. He is seeing to it that this time around there is no complacency and not underestimate any opponents he meets along the way.

The Serbian and former world no#1 has go against his fathers wish to say after the game that he loves to continue playing the game of tennis and does not planned to retire soon as possible from the game and he wishes to continue enjoying the game.

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“It’s been two years since I was last in America, so of course I’m excited and was very much looking forward to coming,” said Djokovic.

“I haven’t been in Cincinnati since 2019, so nice to be back. Lots of young fans I have seen the last couple of days on the practice courts, which is always great to see.

“People love their tennis, and for me as a player of course it’s always a pleasure and honor and fun to be out there and receive that much support and that much attention. So I look forward to competing.”

Djokovic played a practice session in front of a packed crowd on Monday and he was clearly touched by the ovation he received.

“It’s really amazing,” he added. “I’m very grateful for the presence of so many people at a practice session, which is amazing.

“Again, I did experience some tournaments throughout the world, similar atmospheres in terms of the great attendance on the practice courts.

“People were really into it. As I mentioned before, lots of young fans, which is always something I wish to see. That gives me even more inspiration to play my best tennis in the tournament.”




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