Things To Do When Approaching A Lady

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Things you don’t need to do when approaching a lady



Do Not second guess: this is to say a man need to be brave and know what he wants in a woman a man that lack decision making lacks success. Approaching a decent woman you should know the reason why you want to be close to that lady or girl, you should be certain with what you want and don’t want, no need to approach a lady before internally you ask yourself why you are even talking to that lady in the first, before you call a woman passing by to have a word with you should be 100 percent sure what your motive is don’t go out there approaching women and not know what or why made you to call to approach them for talks.


Confidence Level: A Man need to kill cowardness before he approaches a woman of calibre, therefore you should be very intelligent and self-esteemed enough to approach a woman and talk to her why you wanted to talk to her, Woman are very intelligence species they sense when a man is coward or afraid or weak or confident, so before you hits on the road to chase a girl you have to be brave in the message you are going to translate to her to make her waste her time to listen to you, meeting a woman at a junction and approaching her to talk to her and you later fumbles on what you want to say to them is a big no to them, you have to , A man has to know what he wants and go for it with bravery and not cowardness.

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Dressing or Fashion: Before you hits on the road to approach a woman check your fashion sense know you have dressed appropriately, many girls before you approach them will intentionally and intelligently scammed your dressing before they even you time to speak with them, so dressing in foremost count in approach a woman, Many girls won’t allow themselves to be approached by a mad man to engage them in talking mood, sometimes you have to dress good and smell good for most lady take notice of the before giving you there time to talk to you.


Language Barrier : You should check and intelligently scan and see what language the girl you are approaching is familiar with, you can’t just approach any random girl anyhow and speak the common language she doesn’t understand, so when you approach her know from the first instance what language or communication she is good with and how you can break things down for her to understand in her language about what you want her to understand, Many girls are smart and the first instance they will tell you their discomfort if you speaks something they don’t understand and it will affects the goal purpose of the reason you called her.

Environments : To approach a woman you need to figure out if the surroundings the lady is at she will feel comfortable to spare a minute of time to have a word with you, plenty girls will turn you down when you approach just because of the areas you called them to have a word with them, sometimes some will judge you are from that part of ghetto areas so won’t stop by to talk to you just because of what she has heard about the area she passing through and won’t waist time to afford to talk to you. Some lady are just smart just like that and knows what they really wants for themselves so they will never let someone decide when to talk to them or approach they will lead you and let’s you know if you wants to have a conversation with me you let’s meet here.

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