See 5 delicacies things you can derive from beans

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Each of these types can be differentiated by their appearance and their taste.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people turn to beans for their source of protein, but then with this, you could get tired of having the same delicacy all the time.

So if you are looking to switch up your beans meal, here are five delicacies you can derive from beans.

Moin-Moin or as some people prefer – Moimoi is a delicacy derived from beans. Moin-moin is made with black-eyed beans that has been washed, peeled and grinded to form a pudding. It is usually prepared with onions, fresh pepper and crayfish.

Moin-moin is not only delicious and easy to make, it is one meal that can be consumed anytime of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Akara is another classic Nigerian food that is derived from beans. The beans in this case is also washed, peeled and grinded just like it is done with moin-moin, but this time, the grinded beans is fried to make a delicious fritter.

Akara is one savory and crispy meal that is not only perfect for breakfast (especially Saturday mornings), it is also a delicious snack.

The most common delicacy derived from beans is the Nigerian Beans porridge which those from the southwest of Nigeria also call ewa riro.

This is a delicious meal that includes the beans cooked with onions, pepper, salt and palm oil. This meal can be enjoyed with side dishes such as fried ripe plantain (dodo), pap or even garri.

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For some persons, they try to switch up the beans porridge by adding boiled yam to it. For others, they prefer to cook their porridge beans with potatoes or plantain (ripe or unripe).

Gbegiri (Beans soup) is another delicacy that is derived from beans. This is a highly nutritious and tasty bean soup that is commonly cooked by those from the southwestern part of Nigeria.

In this case, the beans is cooked, blended and fried to give a slightly watery texture and served alongside stew, ewedu and some delicious wraps of amala.

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