Real Madrid new Recruit Joselu: “Real Madrid is the most important club in my life”

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“When you leave here, you always dream of coming back. I’m very proud that today is that day I return”, said the new Real Madrid player.


After the official presentation ceremony to introduce Joselu as a new Real Madrid player, he spoke to the media in the press room at Real Madrid City. The forward said: “Today could be one of the happiest days of my life, apologising to my children and my wife. When you leave here, you always dream of coming back. I’m very proud of what I have done over the last few years and that today is that day I return”.


“I would like to say thank you for being able to be here. I’m going to give my all, it’s the most important club in my life. They have taught me values that I’ve never forgotten throughout my career. As a forward, I like to score goals. I’ve scored goals throughout my career and I don’t think it’s not going to be like that now”.


“Any number in the Real Madrid first team is big. I’m really proud to be able to wear any number. That’s secondary right now. The important thing is that I’m here and enjoying the moment. I liked the ‘9’ at Castilla, but to be able to have a number among the best 25 in the world is incredible”.


“I’m not here to replace anyone. I’m here to do my bit and to contribute everything I’ve learnt. I want to enjoy myself and do whatever the coach asks of me. We all know the standard Karim has been at this club. He is one of the best forwards in the world”.

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“I’ve never kept my Madridism hidden because I’ve felt that way and in life you have to be as natural as possible. To be able to have a number at the best club in the world makes me proud”.


Style of play
“I’m a more physical player. I like to get in the box a lot. I like to score goals, like any forward. My experience of playing in two of the best leagues in the world has made me grow as a footballer. These last few seasons, in terms of numbers, I’ve been among the top players on a national level and I want to show that here”.


His time at Castilla
“Everything has changed a lot. I’ve been a madridista since I was a kid and when the opportunity came up to sign here when I came to Castilla it was a huge moment. I remember it as one of the best days of my life. You’re 18 or 19 years old and you don’t appreciate it in the same way as you do now, but you come here and you soak up everything that this club transmits. I learnt values that only Real Madrid has, and that has enabled me to achieve big goals in my footballing and personal life, above all”.












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