Paul Pogba Speaks to press after United defeat yesterday

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Pogba: “Is this the best we’ve seen of Paul Pogba in a #mufc shirt? I hope not. I hope I can do even better. I hope we can do better between now and the end of the season. Carry on and win something.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

Pogba: “Is this the most stable #mufc team since I’ve been here? I can only tell you that when we have trophies. We’ve been playing very well, big performances but in the end we haven’t won anything yet. That’s what we want to do – play well and win trophies.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

Pogba: “I think the mentality [has changed]. Playing more as a team, defending much better, pressing much better together. No one is cheating. When I say cheating I mean no one is running less or not making the effort to come back.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

Pogba: “I would prefer to be further [up the pitch] but that doesn’t depend on me. As long as I play, that’s all that matters. I just want to play.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

Pogba: “It’s true [that he’s been playing quicker instead of holding onto the ball]. I have to adapt. This league, you don’t get as much time as I want because I like to have some touches on the ball. People are pressing me more, some teams leave players on me.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

Pogba: “They [Liverpool] won trophies, we didn’t, so we’re still behind. We’re still behind them, we didn’t win anything. You have to keep putting in the work. Keep working and improving.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

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Pogba: “In six months we want to say the same thing – ‘#mufc have been doing great this season, best team in the league’. That’s what we want to hear. We don’t want to hear ‘they’ve been playing well, but they didn’t win anything’.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

Pogba: “It’s [pressure] my engine. I need to have that. I know if I play well or if I don’t play well. For me, if people speak good, I will always be working. If people speak bad, I will always be working even more.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz

Pogba: “I’m on contract, I’m here. I’m enjoying myself. Everybody knows that I have one year left. I’m going to speak with the club and see what’s going on. For now, my goal is to win something. That’s all I’m thinking about, is to win.” #mulive [bt] #muxyz


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