Pain Interlude – Kwesi Arthurs

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Make I talk about the stepson thema necks Make I talk about the vex me I no be pressed If I talk about the stress e no go make it less My big homies turned to bitch homies what be next I no fit dwell on regrets, fuck a rewind Lately I no fit dey sleep been trapping all the time Toss and turn, toss and turn like all the time I dey strike them dey feel say I be number 9
No pain, no gain We go never be the same
Make I talk about the pen, I pick it up Feet don’t fail me through the fire, I’ve been heating up If I gyemi right now, is it all enough? Officer e just be locks I no be criminal E be scars on my body no be tattoo Them dey watch me like a monkey them be baboons Be like all be lie Junior
Class clown get the last laugh E dey pain them I do what them say I can’t do Wo ti p3n ne hwana? Na m) gas you? Pain’s when number 2 dey come someone dey the bathroom I dey play with fire wey I get burned Sadly it’s the only way I fit learn Still money man a fit earn And when we earn some money man a fit burn
Friends turn to foes Friends turn to foes
I remember times we no get no clothes So so la borrow just to get to shows How we get to show them no make we show? Look out for your brother I figa that be code How you break the code?How you break the code? I should have seen through you I dey wonder why the hearts of men be full of evilI dey wonder how will life be if we never rhymedYou win some and lose some in this game of life I dey move like water, I dey flow through time )p3 stand up nigga cos she’s so sick of lies
Now make I talk about the pain
No pain, no gain We go never be the same
Make I talk about the painNo pain, no gain We go never be the same
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