D-D-D-DJ CoublonBaby yah (what else? Now!) Baby yeahI give you my life (yeah, huh!)
Why you do me so?Ɔhemaa (yeah), why you do me so?I no know wetin do youWhy you do me so? (What else?)Ɔhemaa, why you (now) do me so?What else, ahnTie, ahn
I figure say we’re doing this together (yeah)I thought we were gonna be forever (whoa)Na me ho nyɛ, but I was tryna make it betterSikasɛm na ɛmaa Alhaji bi bɛfaa me dɔfo Stella (huh!)I guess I didn’t get the memoMe nim sɛ sei na ɛbɛba a nka ‘yɛsignee’ M-O
You always wanna make me feel like menyɛ barima oMehyiaa wo ansa me’recorde me first demo2007 na mefalli maa wo, kae wo tirim’Ɛno nti nea ɛrekɔso nyinaa no, it’s like a dream (huh!)Wobɛyɛ biribi koraa a, this is too еxtreme (yes)‘Ɛnwom’ wei, guеss how many people go stream
‘Cause a lot of niggas know exactly what I’m talking ’bout (yeah)Mmaa bɛcheati but mmarima, it’s not allowed (no)I swear to God sɛ barima biara was born faithfulUntil the first female suddenly broke a vow
I for like make you come be my baby (what else?)But you don follow Alhaji go KanoI for like you make you be my honeyBut you go say I no fit afford your bills, yaroOmo, I don give up, for your lovingBecause without you I no sabi love oh-oh-ohI don give up, oh, I’m wanting nobodyI don’t know what I am again
I’m a non living thing, no-noI’m a non living thing, without youI’m a non living thing, babyI don’t exist, I don’t exist without youI’m a non living thing (yeah)
Beginning, I thought I was trippin’ (nah)But na menim sɛ the time is ticking (huh!)And I could see that something was missingMemaa wo liberty, I never kept you in the kitchen (no)‘Cause, super woman and I believe in your vision (what else?)Kaprɛ nni me ho, but I was wishing (yeah)Sɛ mɛnya bi ’cause when I talk you no dey listen (ah)Me ne barima but you took over position
Sake of Alhaji dey pay na me nso, agya menni block (huh)Wei mo nyinaa, bɛsi ‘dɛn’ na boys nnyɛ fraud (how?)Ɛba no tackle tackle koraa a mɛpushi drug (yes)Sika yɛ sika, legitimate anaa sɛ blood (yeah)Na ‘mefii’ sɛ we go ride until the end (ha)Nanso all along you dey pretend? (ah)Damn, I guess I lost a friendThought I got it figured, there’s a lot I need to learn
Ɔhemaa, why you do me so?I no know what I do you, why you do me so?Ɔhemaa, why you do me so? (Ah-ah-ah)
Omo e dey pain meE be like say my heart don dey fail meI dey feel it beating for my kidneyE dey chook me needle for my veinE dey pain me o for my brainI no fit do this thing, feni keniI fit lost in my card or my penny
I don’t know what I’m againI’m a non living thingOh no, no, noI no know wetin I be ohFor you to not see you meNo-no, do me, oh-oh
Yea-yea, e wo aye miKo ma yemiFeeling my penny, baby ohYea-yea, ko ma ye miI’m a non living thing (ah)
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