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Mahama has only learnt ‘new stealing techniques’ – Kennedy Agyapong


Kennedy Agyapong – The only lesson former President John Mahama has learnt after about three years in opposition is that he has learnt “new stealing skills” for Ghana’s public purse.

This is according to outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong who is of the opinion that “NDC has a bad mind” and is coming to steal more.

Readers of will recall former President John Mahama said he is seeking a comeback to give Ghanaians hope because he has occupied the presidency before, experienced it and has learnt useful lessons.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been there before, I’ve experienced it, I’ve learnt useful lessons, I’ve reviewed issues and events and I’m coming back to you together with my party, the NDC, with what will be a practicable strategy for laying a solid foundation for the transformation of our country,” Mr Mahama said on Wednesday, 23 October 2019 at the inauguration of the NDC’s manifesto committee in Accra.

But Kennedy Agyapong believes Mr Mahama has not learnt any useful lessons.

“It is now that he [Mahama] has gone to learn better ways of stealing big… It is stealing sense he has gone to learn and he is coming back.”

He explained that because NDC said “we don’t have enough electricity so you go and they signed 17 Power Purchase Agreements. It is between 7 and 11 cents per kilowatt per hour. The NDC people who went to bring it and fix it at 16 – 17 cents per kilowatt per hour. They signed bogus agreements called take or pay… because of that every year electricity that we produce that we don’t need is 1 billion dollars.” He said.

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“I am telling you again he learnt new stealing skills. Akufo-Addo went to Equatorial Guinea to renegotiate Mahama’s deal there. He saved us 1billion dollars.” He added.

Kennedy Agyapong commended the government for not paying for some power contracts as the money will end in NDC pockets.

“The NDC has made money and we are also giving them contract. They made money.

When they steal it is paid to the outside and they don’t even bring it here. It is good we are not paying some of the contractors because the money will go to NDC and they will come and use the money to fight us. It is something I will commend Ofori Atta on.


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