JB Killer exposed by accomplice

JB Killer exposed by accomplice


The suspect in the gruesome murder of the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, J. B. Danquah-Adu, was yesterday exposed by his accomplice when he tried to ‘lie’ to the court hearing his case.
Daniel Asiedu, aka S3x Don Don, had told the court that he was being maltreated while in custody and alleged that he was kept in a cubicle with an insane inmate who had been attacking him.
There were inconsistencies in his narration as he initially told the court that he was attacked by the said inmate in the cubicle where it was just the two of them but later stated that there were witnesses around who saw the attack.

He alleged that he was attacked by the said inmate on one occasion and as a form of self-defence, shoved the supposed inmate but he was the one who attracted the attention of the prison officers who punished him by making him sleep under a bed and his personal belongings such as clothes and food taken away from him.
He made several allegations including an unverified statement that his attacker was a drug addict who sells Tramadol in prison.
He told the court presided over by Justice George Buadi that even the clothes he wore to court yesterday were borrowed from a colleague inmate.

No Attack
But Daniel Asiedu received the shock of his life when his alleged accomplice Vincent Bosso told the court that he did not see Asiedu being attacked by anyone, instead he saw the two (Asiedu and the other inmate) fighting which drew the attention of the prison officers.
“I was in my cell when I saw Asiedu and the other inmate fighting and the prison officers came to take him away,” Vincent told the court.

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This confirmed the suspicions of the presiding judge and the prosecution led by Sefakor Batse that the accused may have been involved in an altercation leading to the prison officer punishing him.
Justice Buadi said he could not confirm the alleged attacks but told the prison officers who escorted the two to court to look into the issues and ensure that his personal belongings are returned to him if indeed they were taken from him as alleged.

Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to November 19, 2019 for lawyer for the accused persons, Augustines Obuor, to conclude his cross-examination of a medical officer who conducted a mental examination on Daniel Asiedu.
The doctor, Dr. Sammy Ohene, a consultant at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, had tendered the report of his examination conducted on Daniel Asiedu.

According to the report, the accused person does not have any mental issues and is fit to plead and stand trial.
The lawyer, however, disputes the reports and tends to cross-examine the doctor on his approach to have arrived at that conclusion.


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