Here are 10 ways to win the heart of your crush

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There aren’t two people alike. In a way, they might share similarities but in a grander context, no one person bears complete resemblance with another. Not in physical qualities and surely not in other forms.

What this essentially means is that what pleases one person might not rock another’s boat and to get someone’s attention or to make a positive impression on them, you have to do what they like, and in a manner they like.

And if you’re wondering what that could be, Nigerians are opening up on the subject. Off a tweet posted on September 1, 2019, by Brown Sugar [@yettyclassy] on Twitter, here are 10 things you may want to consider doing in order to make a mark in that [potential] relationship.

1. Show Concern

2. Good Shoes And Wanderlust

3. Honesty and Humility don’t hurt nobody


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