Having s*x: When is the right time to start being intimate in a relationship?

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A man and a woman together in a relationship without sex is an unfathomable thought, but how long is the optimum time frame for the first encounter to happen?

Although it might be a tricky question, below are a few things you need to know:

How long should you wait before having sex?

Most men do not care so much about when the right time is. However, they hold a certain significance for them when it comes to the time frame; for example, if sex happens too soon (on the first date), some men might judge their partners as being frivolous.

For some women, having sex too soon might seem like the right idea, but others prefer to wait it out longer until they find the “perfect moment.”

Most women find “sex” to be synonymous with “love”, and do not lower their intimacy barriers too easily.

Fact is there is no perfect moment because it’s all up to the individual’s choice and context. Some might be more enticed by sexual satisfaction and others might be looking for love.

 Sex on the first date

How long should you wait to have sex is a matter of personal choice and context.

Having sex too soon is not necessarily a bad idea, because you might meet someone with whom you realize from the first moments that you have a deep, carnal magnetism happening between the two of you.

If you’re looking for fun, then go with the flow; but, if you’re looking for something more serious in nature and hook up with somebody, take your time and play your cards.

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When should you have sex?

Having sex with your boyfriend and girlfriend too soon doesn’t mean that you’re easy or desperate. You’ll eventually end up doing this, so why not go for it early?

If intimacy is delayed for some time, your partner might lose interest in you, or begin to feel paranoid as to why this is happening. So, how long to wait before sex?

It’s very easy to bring sex up in the context of building a relationship with someone, but some women prefer to strenuously torture their partners by putting them to the test for some time.

Having sex with someone you love is one of the most precious gifts that a person can be rewarded in life, and having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend after a prolonged courtship can prove itself to be a more intense experience.

When is the right time to have sex and how long to wait before sex and, ultimately, answers that you will find the answer to at the right moment?


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