Fatal Accident on Accra-Cape Coast Road: 15 Lives Lost and Several Injured in Yutong Bus and Fuel Tanker Collision

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Tragedy struck on the Accra-Cape Coast Road as a fatal road crash claimed the lives of more than a dozen individuals.

The devastating incident occurred at Gomoa Okyereko, a location situated in the Central Region.

The collision unfolded between an Accra-bound Yutong bus and a fuel tanker bearing the registration number WR 2063-10.

Yutong Bus And Fuel Tanker Crash Claims 15 lives, Others Left With InjuriesAccording to a report from 3news.com, the collision proved to be catastrophic, resulting in the immediate loss of 15 passengers’ lives.

Additionally, approximately 25 other individuals involved in the accident sustained injuries of varying degrees. The severity of the injuries remains unclear, but it serves as a somber reminder of the potentially devastating consequences of such accidents.

Yutong Bus And Fuel Tanker Crash Claims 15 lives, Others Left With InjuriesThe incident undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the community and has left families and friends grieving for their loved ones.

The investigation into the crash is likely underway, as officials work to determine the cause and any potential contributing factors to prevent similar accidents in the future.

As more details emerged regarding the fatal road crash on the Accra-Cape Coast Road, it was revealed that the passengers involved in the tragedy were en route to Accra from Liberia.The journey that began with hopes of reaching their destination safely took a tragic turn, resulting in a devastating loss of life.

It is hoped that this incident will prompt renewed efforts to improve road conditions, enhance driver education, and enforce stricter safety measures to prevent the loss of innocent lives on the nation’s roads.

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