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Deontay Wilder critize Andy Ruiz Jr tactics after his defeat to AJ

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Deontay Wilder Unleashes Scathing Rant On Andy Ruiz Jr Following Anthony Joshua Defeat

Deontay Wilder has ripped into Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua for their performances on Saturday night.

The WBC heavyweight champion slammed Ruiz Jr for his lack of preparation and Joshua for not wanting to ‘dominate’ his opponent.

Wilder told The Athletic : “People say I have no skills, but my intellect is high enough to know if I’d been in a situation like (Ruiz Jr) and something’s not working, you’ve got to change up my style.

“I’m smart enough to know, cut the f***ing ring off.

“Once you cut the ring off, you put Joshua in a corner and you can have your way with him by hitting him the way you did the first time.

“To be in boxing that long and not know how to cut the ring off? If he knew, he didn’t do it, or he didn’t have the intellect. I’m a little upset with him.”

He also had harsh words for the ‘Destroyer’ who
admitted after the fight he had been ‘partying for three months’ .

Wilder took huge exception to that and vented:

“Ruiz said he was doing great, not letting this moment get to him, but in the end you hear him saying he ate too much and should’ve trained harder… Like, what the f***?

“What do you mean you ate too much and could’ve trained harder?

“I take this s*** seriously. I don’t know what their mentality is, but I didn’t become champion of the world just to say, ‘Put me in the record books. At least I can say I was a champion. They can never take that away from me.’

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“F*** that s***. I’m here for legacy. Long live the king. That’s my mentality, and America should love a world champion like me.”

But the ‘Bronze Bomber’ didn’t stop at Ruiz as he also laid into Joshua.

He proclaimed AJ ‘ran around the ring’ and did what he had to do.

The 31-year-old also insisted that a unification bout with AJ will ‘never happen’.

“You want to dominate guys, man. Maybe I’m just too rough, too hard-core and too much of a dream for this time and era, maybe the world wants that nice s***.

“I don’t think we’ll ever see a unification bout. We’ll never see it, and I don’t want people to get their hopes up on it because it’ll never happen.

“They couldn’t say anything about fighting me, couldn’t mention my name and went around me because “I’m too dangerous.

You’ve seen what I do in the ring. I don’t play around.

Eddie Hearn brutally responded to Wilder’s comments by calling out the pay-per-view buy’s for his victory over Luiz Ortiz.

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Speaking to IFL TV, the Matchroom Boxing chief explained: “What after Anthony Joshua just put on an absolutely public exhibition and schooled the world heavyweight champion?

“We spent too much energy and time talking about Wilder who, in the grand scheme of things, has just boxed in America at Las Vegas and sold 7,000 f***ing tickets and done about 100,000 buys on pay-per-view.

“No-one gives a monkey’s about Deontay Wilder. Sorry, it’s true.”

Deontay Wilder record in his boxing career is 42 – 0 – 1 (42 wins , 41 knockout and 1 draw) and he recently knockout luis ortiz in the 7th round of their rematch.

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Wilder next fight is against british boxer Tyson Fury which will take place in early 2020.

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