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Chelsea fc rules and purnishment set by frank lampard

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Chelsea’s first-team players are fined a minimum £20,000 if they arrive late to training, £1,000 if their phone rings during a team meal or meeting and £5,000 if they do not appear at corporate or charity events, according to an image leaked online of Frank Lampard’s rules for his squad.

Players can also be docked £10,000 if they fail to report an injury or illness before a day off or 90 minutes prior to a training session, while every minute they are late for a team meeting costs £500.

On top of the £20,000 punishment for arriving late to a session, the fine increases £2,500 for every 15 minutes that a player is late.

The head coach is also strict regarding his players staying in shape with those who fail to adhere to body composition targets fined an unspecified amount.

Any fine that is not paid within a fortnight is doubled, with other punishments ranging from £2,500 for turning up late to medical treatment and £5,000 for failing to provide more than 48 hours notice if a player is not travelling on the team coach after a game.

Players who fail to report dressed in the wrong clothing are fined £1,000, while agents are not allowed at the training ground unless prior notice has given and are there in an official capacity.

All money goes to team activities or associated charities.

The document, which has been doing the rounds on Whatsapp and Twitter since this morning, is signed by Lampard, dated from August 27 and framed on a wall at the club’s training ground.

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It is not yet clear who leaked the picture initially but a club source has told that it is genuine.


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