Breaking News : Hundreds of Illegal Miners Trapped in AngloGold’s Obuasi Mine Shaft

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reports have emerged from Anwiam, a locality nestled within the Obuasi East District of the Ashanti Region, detailing a dire situation involving approximately 300 individuals who find themselves trapped within a shaft owned by AngloGold’s Obuasi Mines.

These individuals are no ordinary miners; they are part of an illegal mining operation, driven by the allure of uncovering precious gold deposits hidden beneath the earth’s surface.



However, their ambitious pursuit has taken a perilous turn, leaving them ensnared deep underground with little hope of escape.

Motivated by the promise of wealth and driven by desperation, these illegal miners boldly ventured into the depths of the shaft, hoping to extract valuable gold reserves.

Seven dead, 17 trapped after illegal mining pit collapses in Eastern Region

With their makeshift tools and meager resources, they descended into the labyrinthine passageways, braving the uncertain and treacherous conditions that lay before them.

But as fate would have it, their aspirations of fortune swiftly transformed into a grim struggle for survival.

Among those caught in this nightmarish ordeal is Ali Tijani, one of the illegal miners who managed to relay the desperate situation to Citi News. In his harrowing account, he shared the distressing news that some of his fellow miners have succumbed to unconsciousness.

The lack of provisions, particularly food and water, has taken a toll on their physical and mental well-being. Deprived of sustenance, they are now teetering on the edge of survival, their bodies weakened and their spirits waning.

In their desperate plight, the trapped miners have managed to reach out to their families, seeking solace and assistance during this harrowing ordeal.

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With limited means of communication available to them underground, they have valiantly tried to convey their distress, hoping that their loved ones would relay their desperate situation to the authorities.






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